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We are happy to have you visit our family home page. If your family is related to Francois Romeril (Francis Romriell), please register your family. We are in search for our relatives.

Registering will enter you to the family mailing and email list. This is the best way to track our family members. Registration is completely secure as it is not linked to the web site. You may only access it with a special URL available to the Family Reunion Committee. If you need access, provide your descendency and you may be given access. This is done by email.

A Place for Family History

Our Family Web Site
In 1998, Randy Romrell had a chance meeting with my sister, Arlene Forde (Mills). She was curious about his name, Romrell, since every one we have met are related. Curiosity was peaked, and it was decided to hold a large extended reunion for all descendants of Francois Romeril (Francis Romrell). It was the anniversary of his 200th birthday coming the following year.

As part of the preparation, a web site was established. This web site did not originate with me, but Chris Romrell and Tim Stay were the originators of it. They were instrumental in many features the present web site contains. When the Web site service provider went out of business, I had collected many of the features, and put it back on line for the family. From doing that, I apparently inherited the web site.

As the web site evolved, it became more instrumental in finding family members. Not only the children of George, who's line I am through, but we have found the other families, Charles Abraham, and others. Many new friendships have been made.

The family decided to continue the reunions about every 3 years at the Stake Center and Romrell Park in Ogden, Utah, which was the homestead of George Romrell and Francis. It is in August nearest the birthday of Francis. The web site has become instrumental and a gathering point for the family. We have a place where family news, genealogy, and friendships may be made.

Sharing information is the big purpose of the web site, and your suggestions are welcome. We are in the business of collecting the family and their records. This information is for sharing with all the family members. Take what you want, a biography, a photo, or even genealogy from our Gedcom/PAF files. This site is for you.

Using the Web Site

Many of the family are not expert at using the features of web sites. The following helps will enable you to use the web site to greater benefit, and allow you to retrieve the information to your home computer. These instructions are for the PC. I am not the greatest authority for the MAC computers.

Create a folder to keep the files you download from the “” web site. You may name it romrell, or any appropriate name.

Any photo may be downloaded to your computer.

Right click the photo or graphic.

From the pop-up menu, select “save picture as” and click.

Find the path to the romrell folder.

Click on the “Save” button.

Biographies are specially designed for easy download to your computer. A file in Microsoft Word for Windows is provided for download. There are two formats, 8½ x 11 and 14 x 8½.

Open the biography you want to save.

Scroll to the bottom of the biography.

Right click on the format you want: 8½ x 11 or 14 x 8½

From the pop-up menu, select “save target as” and click.
(There may be a modified menu selection, depending on your browser version)

Select the path to the romrell folder.

Click on the “Save” button.
The file will be saved as a MSWord2000 doc file.

Downloading other pages
Not all pages are available in MSWord format. However, any information found in the web site may be saved.

Open your word processor.

Go to the web page and select (highlight) the section you want to save to your computer.

Selection may be made in several ways.

1. From the “edit” menu at the top of the web page, go to the item “select all”. This will select the entire page. This may be too much. (See next item)

2. Click and hold down the mouse button. Drag it over a word, or the entire section.

If you drag the mouse over the first word and select it, then scroll down to the end of what you want to select.

Press the shift key and hold it down.

Click the point where you want your selection to end. The selected area will highlight.

Release the shift key. The highlighted are should remain.

Move the cursor into the highlighted area, and right click.

Select “copy” from the edit menu
Press Ctrl+C to copy. (Press Control, hold it down and press C)

Go to your word processor and select “paste” from the edit menu
Press Ctrl+V to paste. (Press Control, hold it down and press V)

You may then edit and save the word processor, saving the selected section of the web page as a word processor file.

Note: The white text in this web site may not show in your word processor. Select the text and change the color to black or some other color to make the text visible.

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